« Should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle. »

– Paulo Coelho

 The Domain

The Domain CHARBONNIER is a hillside vineyard of the Cher department, located in the heart of the chateaux of the Loire region. Since Daniel’s retirement in 2009, Michel & Stéphane have established their company on the family grapevines.

Today we now farm up to 54 acres of grapevine, with two varieties, 40% white grapes and 60% red grapes. Michel mainly looks after the vineyards whereas Stéphane runs the marketing side and vinification process.

As the owners of the property and wine growers, we take great care of our vineyards as well as the production and development, combining both tradition and new technologies.

Our wines often receive prizes in various competitions around the country (“Ligers” contest, “French Wines” competition in Macon, the Independent Vineyard contest, “Interloire” contest) and are also quoted in many wine guides (Hachette, Dussert-Gerbert and Gilbert & Gaillard)


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